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Gaming time

Last 24 hours

albajos 6h 45m
Andropow 2h 50m
DurableChunk112 1h 35m
Roly Hider 1h 16m
Darth Filius 1h 11m

Last week

Dino Matti 2d 04h 16m
Aquaplex 1d 23h 46m
albajos 1d 12h 23m
VPG Kamikaze 1d 08h 02m
Darth Filius 1d 05h 37m
VIF OSLO 23h 43m
Andropow 17h 48m
Roly Hider 15h 18m
Kebabkongen 11h 05m
Entrailis 10h 24m

Last month

Dino Matti 8d 01h 16m
Aquaplex 7d 13h 45m
VPG Kamikaze 5d 08h 18m
albajos 4d 06h 36m
Roly Hider 2d 16h 14m
VIF OSLO 2d 12h 10m
Entrailis 1d 23h 02m
Darth Filius 1d 22h 03m
Larry Gumpert 1d 20h 11m
Andropow 1d 17h 26m

Last year

Dino Matti 71d 20h 00m
Aquaplex 69d 14h 47m
Roly Hider 45d 06h 11m
albajos 41d 20h 01m
Darth Filius 39d 08h 08m
VIF OSLO 37d 17h 15m
VPG Kamikaze 33d 12h 06m
Larry Gumpert 33d 08h 18m
Andropow 19d 07h 06m
Kebabkongen 14d 13h 49m

Gamerscore improvement

Last 24 hours

Roly Hider 55

Last year

albajos 8105
Aquaplex 5430
Roly Hider 5390
Kebabkongen 4385
Darth Filius 3665
Dino Matti 3386
Drubberdrums 3030
Andropow 2253
Knurg 1727

Gamerscore velocity (score per hour) - beta

Last 24 hours

Roly Hider 43.3

Top 100 Most played games

Last year

Fortnite 47d 05h 49m
Forza Horizon 4 31d 15h 14m
Overwatch® Origins Edition 30d 17h 21m
Rocksmith 2014 27d 09h 25m
ROBLOX 16d 23h 04m
Fallout Shelter 15d 21h 17m
Minecraft 14d 21h 21m
Fallout Shelter 14d 17h 06m
? Roblox 13d 03h 12m
The Sims™ 4 12d 12h 28m
Microsoft Solitaire Collection 9d 12h 14m
Red Dead Redemption 2 9d 08h 03m
Fallout 76 8d 17h 28m
DiRT Rally 2.0 8d 01h 47m
7d 22h 03m
Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition 6d 23h 00m
Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition 6d 08h 30m
Battlefield™ V 6d 04h 30m
Rocket League® 6d 01h 53m
Crackdown 3 5d 20h 18m
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege 5d 16h 06m
The Sims 4 5d 05h 00m
5d 03h 03m
4d 18h 38m
Grand Theft Auto V 4d 10h 36m
Gears of War 4 4d 08h 47m
No Man's Sky 4d 04h 02m
Farming Simulator 17 3d 20h 37m
Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice 3d 17h 01m
Just Dance 2018® 3d 14h 53m
FIFA 18 3d 12h 40m
Battlefield™ 1 3d 03h 50m
Farming Simulator 19 2d 22h 14m
Just Cause 4 2d 19h 38m
Trials® Rising 2d 16h 57m
Graveyard Keeper 2d 16h 46m
Stardew Valley 2d 08h 30m
Skate 3 2d 02h 44m
2d 02h 36m
DiRT Rally 2d 01h 31m
FIFA 19 2d 00h 08m
PLAYERUNKOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS – Public Test Server 1d 23h 55m
Assassin's Creed® Odyssey 1d 22h 38m
ROBLOX 1d 20h 53m
Far Cry® 5 1d 19h 52m
Apex Legends™ 1d 18h 25m
For Honor 1d 17h 50m
Far Cry® New Dawn 1d 16h 47m
Tropico 5 1d 15h 26m
Spintires: MudRunner 1d 12h 21m
Project CARS 2 1d 11h 39m
State of Decay 2 1d 09h 23m
Sniper Elite 4 1d 09h 09m
Forza Horizon 3 1d 08h 27m
Shadow of the Tomb Raider 1d 08h 22m
Plants vs. Zombies™ Garden Warfare 2 1d 08h 01m
PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds 1d 07h 44m
theHunter: Call of the Wild 1d 07h 16m
Sid Meier's Civilization V 1d 05h 38m
Apex Legends 1d 00h 58m
DiRT 4 1d 00h 45m
Borderlands 2 23h 00m
Guitar Hero Live 22h 50m
Forza Motorsport 7 22h 06m
Need for Speed™ Payback 21h 49m
Football Manager 2013 21h 42m
Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4 21h 32m
Cities: Skylines - Xbox One Edition 20h 34m
PUBG - Sanhok Edition 19h 25m
Fortnite 19h 21m
The LEGO Movie Videogame 18h 26m
Human Fall Flat 17h 08m
Brawlhalla 16h 27m
FOR HONOR™ Standard Edition 16h 13m
Super Lucky's Tale 16h 05m
Battlefield™ V Open Beta 14h 28m
Bloons TD 5 14h 02m
Trials® Rising 13h 17m
Minecraft: Xbox One Edition 13h 05m
South Park™: The Fractured but Whole™ 12h 49m
DiRT Rally 2.0 12h 33m
Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchiridion 12h 31m
Shadow Complex Remastered 12h 09m
Defense Grid 2 12h 07m
ONRUSH™ 12h 05m
Sea of Thieves 10h 44m
Return of the Obra Dinn 10h 15m
Flipping Death 9h 51m
Fallout 4 9h 08m
Ultimate Chicken Horse 8h 10m
Call of Duty®: WWII 7h 48m
The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season 7h 40m
Killer Instinct 7h 33m
Halo: MCC Insider 7h 23m
Tropico 6 7h 11m
Disneyland Adventures 6h 47m
6h 45m

Last updated: 20.04.2019 19:12